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Friday News:

Next season's Northwestern team got a whole lot bigger with the official signing of a 7'0" center from Romania plus a one year forward transfer via Louisville.

Former Tiger captain Al Dufty is remembered.

More on this offseason's hot topic, a possible Ivy League basketball tournament. The most interesting bit of information to me in this piece is who drafted the proposal, which I had not seen reported previously.

Will Venable is ready for his steady approach to pay off.

A tribute to former Mercer County Community College coach Howie Landa is planned for mid-September, including the creation of the Howie Landa Fund. I know this is something current Vikings coach Howie Levy has been closely involved with for a while now.

So much for the Jerome Allen to SMU rumor. Illinois State's Tim Jankovich was hired as the Mustangs' coach-in-waiting.

Gregg Lange said,

April 27, 2012 @ 4:10 pm

The utter moronics that the Ivy tournament debate tends to bring out each time around are fascinating. Here we have last year's H/P playoff game being used as an argument for a tournament, whereas the reason it was so compelling is that the league does NOT HAVE a tournament. Stories of essentially every Ivy playoff game ever held are told to this day because they are so few, far between and special. Allowing a complete mediocrity (such as Yale this year) a third or fourth or fifth shot at the NCAAs is an insult in comparison.

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