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A note from Dan Connelly.

Shortly after I posted that Dan Connelly would be leaving Princeton for a position at Memphis, I received a note from Dan that he said I could share with readers of this site.

It was a very tough decision to leave Princeton because I worked with a great staff, they were great basketball coaches and even better people.

I will be handling all the recruiting correspondence for Memphis, helping to coach individuals and run practices among many other tasks.

I will be able to get on the floor to help the coaches out at Memphis which I was unable to do under my job title at Princeton, which was tough because we had some amazing guys on our team on and off the court.

Princeton will always be a special place for me because of the family atmosphere created through former players, coaches and people around campus who are always there to help out. I will always remember the help and assistance that I received from Lawrence Schuler, Stu Orefice (pictured to Dan's left in the above photograph - ed.), Larry Perks, Coach Carril and the other countless people like yourself who are always there to help out and give kind words.

I wouldn't have left Princeton unless I thought it was a perfect opportunity. Coach Johnson and staff have done an incredible job and I will be playing close attention to scores throughout the year because of the great people involved with one of the most historic programs in college basketball.

Dan Connelly

While serving a graduate assistant at Memphis, Dan will be enrolled in the school's Health and Sport Sciences Department, working towards a Sports and Leisure Commerce degree.

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