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Manhattan pictures.

Photos from tonight's game courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

Coach Sydney Johnson gives instruction.

Douglas Davis, to the rim.

Freshman forward Ian Hummer goes up with his left.

Pawel Buczak.

Senior co-captain Nick Lake on the drive.

Coach Johnson and Douglas Davis.

Pawel Buczak battles for position with one-handed Manhattan freshman center Kevin Laue late in the first half.

Director of Basketball Operations Martin Bahar.

Freshman forward Will Barrett.

Let's just say Coach Johnson disagreed with the referees' decision to not whistle goaltending.

Marcus Schroeder is headed to the line.

Dan Mavraides gives Princeton the lead from outside in the second half.

Robert Enoch, Jr. said,

November 18, 2009 @ 10:43 pm

What a scrappy team to pull out a win here! This is exactly the kind of game that would have totally tripped up the Tigers from last year and a few years go. I see a lot of promise in this squad.

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