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Rider pictures.

An assortment of super photos from today's game courtesy Stephen Goldsmith.

Nearly the entirety of Princeton's "student section" prior to tipoff.

Hans Brase.

Ian Hummer.

T.J. Bray under pressure.

Coach Mitch Henderson.

Brendan Connolly goes to the hook.

Will Barrett.

Mack Darrow.

New team trainer Will Lynch.

Denton Koon.

Hummer receives a few words from his head coach.

Connolly battles for a rebound.

Chris Clement.

Darrow hoists a three.

Words in the huddle from assistant Brian Earl.

I would not want to be in the way of Ian Hummer...

...especially if this is the result.

Bray wants the team to run "chin."

Will Barrett is injured on a drive.

Issac Serwanga.

Ameer Elbuluk.

Mike Washington, Jr.

Steve Mills with Coach Lawrence Schuler.

Steven Postrel said,

December 21, 2012 @ 7:44 pm

Some classic basketball action poses in this set. Along with Steve Mills, a real no, no, ...yes shooter from deep back in the day (before the trey).

BTW, I know today's players think that the old short shorts look stupid, but Ameer Elbuluk looks like MC Hammer. Not only can't I touch this, I really don't want to. We should either get that man some backup dancers or tailor his shorts a little.

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