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Coach Mitch Henderson - 2/20/13.

Princeton head coach Mitch Henderson and editor Jon Solomon met before practice at Jadwin Gym today to tape the 13th installment of their season-long weekly interview series.

Henderson and Solomon reviewed Princeton's split at Dartmouth and Harvard in great detail before delving into the specifics of this weekend's Empire State trip to Columbia and Cornell.

This exclusive Q&A streaming after the jump is 11:00+ in length. You can catch up on all of the season's discussions here.

Steven Postrel said,

February 20, 2013 @ 8:27 pm

In retrospect, the only question I would have liked to have answered was why we didn't see more of Brendan Connolly against Harvard, given Brase's struggles and the problems Smith was causing. Sorry for not suggesting that ahead of time.

I really like MH's attitude in this interview. Everything he said rang true to me. This is indeed a huge weekend for Princeton and it really is going to come down to attitude and effort. Maybe he should invoke some of his Big Ten experience with his players. I watched a recording of the Indiana-MSU tilt yesterday and was struck by how much harder both teams played on defense compared to Princeton and the Ivies I've seen this year. It isn't just a gap in speed, strength, and explosiveness. Izzo was all over his guys for defensive lapses on possessions where, to a civilian, Indiana looked to have made great offensive plays against pretty intense and physical MSU defense. If you watch Butler you'll see the same kind of defensive effort and attention to detail.

Heck, showing some old video of Kareem Maddox might not even be a bad idea. You could go back all the way to games against Cornell's mini-dynasty to find some great examples of Princeton really putting a skilled opponent through the defensive wringer. If they could combine that kind of defensive approach with their existing nifty offense, the Tigers would be very likely to sweep the rest of their games. Big if, though.

Jon Solomon said,

February 20, 2013 @ 8:29 pm

Slipped my mind as well when I was prepping questions this week. Sorry about that!

The "human element" stuff was unexpected and great.


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