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Updated Plus/Minus numbers.

For the third time this year, Princeton's athletic department was nice enough to update this season's plus/minus numbers.

This handy chart shows the number of minutes played by each Tiger this season and the difference in points scored by the team while each player was on the floor versus points allowed by the Tigers during the same span.

Player            Minutes           +/-
Schroeder         604:22           +114
Mavraides         538:58           +113
Hummer            331:36            +76
Maddox            190:38            +76
Davis             555:22            +67
Saunders          318:08            +63
Buczak            448:53            +33
Barrett           170:38            +23
Finley            214:59            +19
Connolly           50:56            +11
Foley              15:07             +7
Comfort            12:13             +4
Darrow              6:23             +4
Lake              100:17             +3
Sherburne          26:53            -17

Individual single game highs and lows have not changed. Douglas Davis was +39 against Goucher and Pawel Buczak was -23 at Cal.

The most successful lineup combination is still the one that has played the most minutes together. Marcus Schroeder, Dan Mavraides, Pawel Buczak, Douglas Davis and Patrick Saunders are +41 in 145:00 of court time.

The least successful five? Lake, Schroeder, Zach Finley, Mavraides and Buczak, combining to go -19 in 20:04 of play.

Finley has jumped from -6 to +19 after four Ivy games.

Schroeder improved from +59 to a team-best +114 during this stretch.

Compare these numbers to past +/- tables here.

Jon Solomon said,

February 8, 2010 @ 12:27 am

Here is +/- divided by 40 minutes:

Maddox +15.95
Hummer +9.17
Connolly +8.64
Mavraides +8.39
Saunders +7.92
Schroeder +7.55
Barrett +5.39
Davis +4.83
Finley +3.54
Buczak +2.94
Lake +1.20

I’ve omitted players who have seen <50 minutes of total floor time.

Glenn Morris said,

February 8, 2010 @ 8:53 am

The totals reinforce the commitment to team defense, voiced many times by Marcus Schroeder, as well as fewer turnovers. The "spike" shown by Kareem Maddox and Ian Hummer reflect how effective these players are as tactical substitutions: they are extremely good defenders and bring a athletic power-forward inside game into the offensive mix. Interesting that we are now playing opponents who are familiar with us; the difference might be as simple as defense, defense, defense.

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