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Monday News:

Northwestern (16-7) beat Indiana for the third straight time, 78-61.

Former Princeton player Luke Owings was at the Harvard game and has posted his observations.

Bruce Wood wrote the Basketball-U Gamecenter for Princeton/Dartmouth.

In addition to the Daily Princetonian review of the weekend's games, Ashley Wolf guests with a piece on how the only way she could get into Lavietes Pavilion was by sitting on press row.

The Dartmouth provides the Big Green's side of Saturday's game.

R.W. Enoch, Jr. said,

February 8, 2010 @ 11:07 am

Ashley Wolf:
"As they taunted Dan Mavraides with 'airball' for an earlier mistake, he calmly swished a three right in front of the taunting section, pointing at the now-silent crowd as he ran back on defense."

Did he actually do that? That's kind of awesome, though not something I imagine any coach wants their players doing.

Jon Solomon said,

February 8, 2010 @ 11:38 am

Yup. I'm sure the coaches will have "a word with him" about that.

Not the best move with 32:00+ left to play in the game!

That being said, I do like how opposing crowds fire up Mavraides. At Yale, he went and shot three pointers repeatedly before the start of the second half on the left wing, a step from the small but obnoxious Bulldog student section - just like Brian Earl at the Palestra.


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