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Saturday News:

Princeton recruit Henry Caruso was named the Daily News' Boys Basketball Player of the Year.

Yesterday I posted about Luke Owings and his involvement with the Fullbridge Program. Owings adds that "Anyone who wants to learn more about the company or about the coaching role, please reach out to me. I'm always looking to contract out coaches and I can't imagine a richer network for that than the Princeton basketball one."

The Chicago Tribune writes that a Deerfield High School guard's senior season was "a precursor to his involvement in college basketball, which will begin at either Harvard, Princeton or La Salle." I'm not sure what that wording means.

George Clark said,

March 30, 2013 @ 10:38 am

Anyone else notice how Amaker's name always pops up in discussions of the latest coaching vacancy? Speculation usually squelched by someone pointing out that he "turned down $1.2 mil last year," implying that he can leverage his position to get more money from the FOHB group whenever he must. Can anyone confirm the extent to which the boosters "enhance" his compensation, if in fact they do? Are there no league policies regarding boosterism? Am I paranoid in thinking that we, and the other six also-rans, have brought knives to the proverbial gun fight?

Jon Solomon said,

March 30, 2013 @ 5:33 pm

I can't speak to this directly, but the Friends of Princeton Basketball does supplement additional things for their sport of focus outside of the existing budget (larger financial projects, overseas trips, recruiting). This could be no different.

Amaker has been keen at enhancing the Harvard basketball brand by interviewing for jobs he wasn't going to take. I find that shrewd.

This quote comes from a Big Apple Buckets piece I'm reviewing prior to publication:

"Harvard did spend more than any Ivy League program on basketball in 2012 according to the Office of Postsecondary Education."

Penn is second. I'd assume Princeton is third.


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