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Duquesne pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

Coach Johnson shares a moment with Christian Regulski before the game.

Damian Saunders wins the tip from Zach Finley.

Marcus Schroeder.

Pawel Buczak battles for one of the first half's many loose balls.

Dan Mavraides tries to connect from outside.

Ian Hummer inside.

Here comes Kareem Maddox.

Schroeder scores right before halftime.

Coach Johnson is interviewed by HDNet at the break.

Davis, his broken nose well-taped.

Buczak scores inside.

Regulski sits on the bench in the second half.

Maddox goes low.

Coach Johnson on the sidelines.

Photographic proof of Nick Lake...

...dunking the basketball?!

Schroeder comes out, congratulated by the Princeton staff.

Maddox and Davis interviewed after the victory.

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