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Coach Joe Scott - 2/8/07.

interview audio - 32:08

Princeton head coach Joe Scott and editor Jon Solomon taped their weekly interview today at Jadwin Gym. In the latest discussion the two reviewed the Tigers' losses at Yale and Brown and looked ahead to Princeton's return home facing Harvard and Dartmouth.

Some of the topics discussed include:

-The effort, the execution and the missed opportunities on Friday against Yale.

-The discipline that is required to take Kyle Koncz out and give him rest after he makes three consecutive three pointers.

-The 63-48 loss to Brown and why Saturday nights have been different than Friday nights for Princeton.

-What has been “unmasked” with Kyle Koncz out hurt.

-Justin Conway’s recent offensive struggles and what he needs to do to get back on track.

-The fact that Princeton has recently shown an inability to put the ball in the basket. How does the coaching staff try and solve a problem like this one?

-How the psyche of the Princeton coaching staff has been effected by recent results.

-Preparing for Harvard and Dartmouth, who are both different teams than they were earlier this season.

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