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YouTube potpourri IV.

A handful of videos I haven't had found the right moment to post that have been collected over this week, starting with one of 30+ brief clips from Princeton's 1998 win over UAB. Brian Earl receives a nifty left-handed Chris Young backdoor bounce pass and scores between two defenders.

The view from the first base line as Will Venable goes deep at home against the Orioles.

Pete Hegseth on Fox News.

Mason Rocca fouled trying a reverse layup.

A posting Chris Young finds C.J. Chapman on the perimeter.

Brian Earl pushes a runner in traffic.

Chris Young hits from the free throw line.

Brian Earl busts the Blazer zone with a three.

Chapman lobs to CY sealing his man for an easy bucket.

More clips from the Tigers' win at UAB. For the rest of these highlights, click here.

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