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Saturday News:

In our most recent interview with Princeton head Coach Sydney Johnson, he discussed the two Tigers playing basketball this summer in Georgetown's Kenner League.

It turns out two additional players are competing in a similarly sound league closer to campus. Sophomore-to-be Will Barrett and junior guard Douglas Davis are both participating in the Philadelphia Area College League (formerly the Sonny Hill League) at Charles Y. Audenreid High School.

Someone at the gym on Thursday reveals that Davis and Barrett faced off on opposing teams, part of squads loaded with Villanova and Penn players. At the close of a physical game in a sweltering gym, Barrett hit a three with five seconds left to tie the score before Davis nailed the game-winning triple at the buzzer.

Marvin Bressler is remembered on the Princeton web site and on TigerBlog.

Northwestern's John Shurna was named to the named to the United States Select Team.

Oregon State head coach Craig Robinson tells the Gazette-Times about his busy off season.

Will Venable could begin to take batting practice again this weekend.

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