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Nine questions for Judson Wallace.

Judson Wallace '05 has embarked on a successful professional career overseas since his graduation from Princeton - first with the German squad Eisbaren Bremerhaven, then playing in Italy the past three seasons for Orlandina Basket and Benetton Treviso.

After two campaigns in Treviso, Wallace signed with Club Baloncesto Gran Canaria of Spain's Liga ACB at the end of July.

Curious to know more about Wallace's move to the Canary Islands, I sent him nine questions to answer. His responses can be found after the jump.

What was the main reason you decided to leave Treviso for CB Gran Canaria?

I was injured for about six weeks at the end of last season and Treviso had an option on the last year of my contract which they didn't pick up due to the uncertainty of the injury. Gran Canaria was a great opportunity for me to play in what is generally accepted as the best league in Europe (the ACB) for a team on the beach and in a European competition. It was a good fit for me to come and prove that I am still capable of producing at the highest level despite the injury.

What appealed to you about Gran Canaria and made them the right fit?

The coach expressed alot of interest and was very excited to have me in his system, which is always a good thing. The competition of the Eurocup and the ACB were also very appealing. And finally, the beach, the great golf courses, and the great climate didn't hurt the team's appeal.

How long are you signed for?

I am signed for a one year deal.

How do you expect your role to change with your new team, if at all?

I will still be counted on to be the main rebounder and defender of the team, but I think the coach of this team wants to use my ability to shoot to spread the floor for other players as well as give me a chance to score and pass out of the post. For me, I will just try to do the little things to help us win as many games as possible.

How does the ACB League compare to Italy's Lega A?

They are similar, the consensus is that Spain is #1 and Italy is #2 as far as the competitiveness of the leagues, I will be able to answer this question better after the year is over but I am excited to conduct my experiment.

Do you have a sense of who the team's top rival is?

We had a preseason tournament with some of the other island teams that was pretty heated, but I think given our location, there is no real rival per se in the ACB. Every game is super important and we will try to finish in the top of the league.

What's the island of Gran Canaria like? Did playing for another island-based team have any impact on your decision?

The weather is unbelievable. And the winters are supposed to be very nice too. I love the beach and that definitely was a factor. I am still exploring and due to the amount of practice we have had in the preseason, I haven't been able to get out and explore all the nooks and crannies, but in due time.

Do you know if former Princeton player Spencer Gloger is still playing professionally in Spain? Have you had any contact with him? (I think he's in LEB Oro).

We talk from time to time on Skype and email. i believe he is in Menorca and their team should compete for the LEB Gold championship.

This is going to be your sixth season playing overseas. What has replaced "the five-year plan"?

I haven't given up on the NBA. The past two seasons have been disappointing because at the end of each season I was dealing with fairly serious injuries and was unable to compete in summer leagues, despite invitations. I am going to do everything I can to be healthy and in the best shape possible throughout this season and hopefully after a good year in Spain I will have some opportunities to go and prove myself at the NBA level.

Peter Delacorte said,

September 27, 2010 @ 11:34 am

What was the injury? As I recall, he was playing in the final weeks of last season.

Jon Solomon said,

September 27, 2010 @ 11:55 am

I believe it was his back.

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