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Friday News:

Around the newswire today...

Chris Young pitches for the Padres tonight at Colorado. 9:05 pm ET first pitch.

The Associated Press and The Hoya have both picked up the Daily Princetonian's report about Sydney Johnson. Update: ESPN now has the AP story up on the front page of their web site, but provides no additional information.

The Princeton Packet writes about the lack of information as of 5:00 pm ET on Thursday, but knows that this selection will set a tone for the future of the Tigers.

The Star Ledger's M.A. Mehta builds off yesterday's blog posts with this morning's article about the Princeton coaching search.

San Antonio is back in action, with the Missions falling 10-4 at Midland. Will Venable was 0-3.

Check this post's timestamp to see if there are news updates throughout the day.

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