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Jamie Mastaglio to run NYC Marathon.

Former Princeton basketball player Jamie Mastaglio writes:

I'm running the NYC Marathon on November 4th. In addition to proving to myself that my legs can take a pounding for 3+ hours I'm running the race in support of a foundation that was formed in the name of my friend Dave Nee. Dave was my roommate at Princeton, and a huge fan of our teams while I was playing there. He was one of the students who camped out at Jadwin for tickets before the 1998 NCAA tournament, made the Winnebago trips to all three of our NCAA tournaments sites in Indianapolis, Winston Salem, and Hartford, and was a stalwart in the student section at all of our home games.

In the summer of 2005, shortly before graduating from Fordham Law, Dave took his own life after a silent struggle with depression. His family and friends have created a foundation that aims to educate adolescents and their families about the disease of depression, and to provide options for the treatment of, and recovery from the disease.

We've created a website where people can go to make marathon pledges to the foundation on my behalf. There are per-mile options, per-minute options, t-shirts for sale, and a couple of meeting places if people are looking for a spot to watch the race.

We've already raised over $6,500, and with only a week and a half left before race day we'd like to get that number even higher. If there's a way you can help me spread the word about this fundraiser which is in support of a great Princeton basketball fan I'd appreciate it.

James Mastaglio

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