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Dartmouth pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy Stephen Goldsmith.

Douglas Davis, about to be fouled.

Hey. What's up? I painted my face.

Ian Hummer jump hook.

Coach Sydney Johnson.

Patrick Saunders.

Kareem Maddox drops a pass down to Hummer.

Freshman guard Chris Clement in street clothes.

Ian Hummer appears ready to huff, puff and attempt to blow your house down.

Coach Johnson with Dan Mavraides.

Mack Darrow has the ball.

Hummer drives into the lane.

John Comfort spots up.

Jimmy Sherburne.

Will Barrett throws it down one-handed.

Signing postgame autographs for fans of Team Edwards.

T.J. Bray and Mack Darrow.

Ian Hummer working those wrist muscles.

Assistant coach Tony Newsom talks with WPRB after the game.

The last Princeton junior to reach 1,000 points will have to wait until Tuesday night to see if Douglas Davis becomes the next Princeton junior to reach 1,000 points.

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