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Cornell pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy Robert Solomon.

Brendan Connolly wins the opening tip.

Douglas Davis. Let's call this a pass.

Princeton bench.

Ian Hummer slams on the break.

Kareem Maddox. Chris Wroblewski. Mismatch.

Connolly poised in traffic.

Team huddle.

Hummer surrounded by a Big Red swarm.

Connolly dunks a Dan Mavraides feed.

Mack Darrow bounce pass.

Patrick Saunders, Connolly, Mavraides and Darrow watch from the bench.

Maddox bodied on a drive.

Davis on the dribble.

Hummer went down hard on his left elbow and it didn't look good...

...but he was able to return wearing a protective sleeve.

Coach Johnson instructs Will Barrett.

Mavraides can't fling a shot home.

Assistant coach Tony Newsom discussed what just transpired with John Sadak and Noah Savage.

An interested spectator, Princeton recruit Bobby Garbade.

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