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Monday News:

Tuesday, March 15th
(6) Harvard vs. (3) Oklahoma State – 7:30 pm ET – ESPN

Wednesday, March 16th
(5) UW Milwaukee vs. (4) Northwestern – 8:00 pm ET – ESPN3

Thursday, March 17th
East region – Tampa, FL
(13) Princeton vs. (4) Kentucky – 2:45 pm ET – CBS
NCAA Tournament

Southwest region – Denver, CO
(12) Richmond vs. (5) Vanderbilt – 4:10 pm ET – TBS
NCAA Tournament

Friday, March 18th
Southwest region – Chicago, IL
(11) USC/VCU vs. (6) Georgetown – 9:50 pm ET – TBS
NCAA Tournament, the Daily Princetonian, the Trentonian, the Star Ledger, New Jersey Newsroom, the Associated Press and provide more than enough information on what's to come this week in Tampa.

Steve Politi of the Star Ledger frames Princeton's first round game around the Tigers' 1996 NCAA win over UCLA - which happened 15 years ago today.

An unhappy Kentucky feels their seed is too low.

Richmond (27-7) defeated Dayton to win the 2011 Atlantic 10 Tournament. The 12th-seeded Spiders will play Vanderbilt on Thursday in the NCAA Tournament.

Bob Ryan (video) reports from Yale on Saturday's Ivy playoff, as does Jeremy Schaap (video).

Princeton's victory is celebrated by SportsProf.

Jay Greenberg from the New York Post adds his thoughts from New Haven.

Princeton Alumni Weekly has four things to know about the Tigers' win over the Crimson and an outstanding feature by Zach Kwartler on the 1996 UCLA game.

A Harvard student writes up the game for College Hoops Journal.

Dime Magazine called the playoff "a fitting ending to a renewed rivalry."

Dr. Gabe Lewullis is profiled by the Express-Times for their Catching Up With series.

Be honest. How quickly can you complete this Princeton basketball quiz?

The winner of Wednesday's game between USC and VCU plays Georgetown in the NCAA Tournament on Friday.

Northwestern gets a home NIT game on Wednesday night versus UW Milwaukee. Bill Carmody was in the shower when the call came there was more basketball to be played.

The contrarian bets of John Rogers beat most hedge funds in 2010.

Finally, if you're a Kentucky basketball writer visiting this site - I'd love to exchange Q&As with you in the next day or so!

Jim Waltman said,

March 14, 2011 @ 9:50 am

Deja vu! I was in LA for work when UCLA received the #4 seed to play Princeton in 1996. The team and coach and fans whined like babies all week. That #13 seeding turned out pretty well for the Tigers!

See you in Tampa!

Michael Braun said,

March 14, 2011 @ 10:40 am

2:05, but only because I couldn't remember how to spell Connolly under pressure.

larry said,

March 14, 2011 @ 12:31 pm

Let's also get behind Richmond. Coached by my favorite Princeton player. Huge win over Temple on Saturday for Mooney and the program.

Jon Solomon said,

March 14, 2011 @ 12:33 pm

I was sorry neither Richmond nor Georgetown was in Princeton's Tampa pod. That would have been fun.

Perhaps Florida fans going to the evening session who have tickets earlier in the day can root for the Tigers against Kentucky.

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