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NCAA Public Practice video.

Forced to make their St. Pete Times Forum debut accompanied by a Black Eyed Peas jam (compared to the rousing school fight song Kentucky would enter to 90 minutes later) and walking into the arena a minute before their cue to kick off the day's open to the public event, Princeton held a 40 minute practice on Wednesday morning in front of 100 or so spectators - the majority of whom were older members of Big Blue Nation reserving their seats for when the Wildcats would take the floor almost two hours later.

The free shootaround consisted primarily of traditional Princeton layup, three point shot and passing drills as the Tigers revealed little to those watching and got accustomed to the sightlines and angles of the home for both the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Big East's USF Bulls.

Princeton looked exactly as their coach Sydney Johnson wants them to play on Thursday - loose but focused. There were smiles to be shared but none of the "I can't believe we're here" variety.

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