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Nick Lake and Noah Savage are running a marathon.

Former Princeton players Nick Lake and Noah Savage are running a marathon this summer to raise money for a worthy cause. If you're interested in supporting their quest, please visit the duo's team page.

Not on board? Perhaps the following Q&A about their plan will convince you.

Tell me about what you two gentlemen are doing and why you're doing it.

We are running the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon on June 5th, 2011 with Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, raising money that goes to valuable research to develop targeted therapies not only for blood cancers, but for all cancers.

Who had the idea first? Was it hard to talk the other into taking part?

Noah: I had the idea because I work full time with the Team in Training program at The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the LLS's most successful fundraising program. I was inspired by my coworkers in the office who have all completed multiple endurance events.

Nick: It wasn't hard to convince me to do this. I am an avid runner and when Noah asked me to run to raise money for cancer research it was an easy decision. Plus I wanted to see if Noah could run a whole marathon.

What's the longest stretch either of you have run without stopping?

Nick: 12 miles.

Noah: I think I ran from one baseline to the other once, but usually it was just to the three point line.

What was your inspiration for this run?

Nick: We are running in Christian "Crunch" Regulski's memory and honor. In the short time that I knew him he became a very good friend to me. He showed incredible courage and resilience in his fight against his disease. We wanted to play our part in the hopes that other children can avoid what Christian had to endure.

Do you have a favorite Crunch story?

Nick: At my Senior year banquet I was giving a speech and I called Crunch my "aspiration," instead of my inspiration. I quickly corrected myself but he wouldn't let me live it down. From then on, he always asked me if I was still his aspiration.

How is your training coming along?

Noah: We are sticking to the great training schedule provided to us by Team in Training and their expert coaches. What is really great about the program is that they provide all of the tools you need to be successful, all we have to do is show up and work hard.

Nick: I think what Noah means to say is that we have a new appreciation for how long 26.2 miles is.

How much was running part of the off-season regimen at Princeton? I recall hearing about needing to run a mile in under a certain time to make the team.

Noah: Well, we did a lot of basketball-specific training at Princeton, but one year we had to run three miles in under 19:30. It took me three attempts to make that time, and I eventually made it on a dead-sprint by one second - I've never felt worse physically in my I figured 'why not run a marathon?'

Jamie Mastaglio '98 did the NYC Marathon in 2007 to raise money for the Dave Nee Foundation and took a lot of "side bet" pledges where people would donate more if Stags did specific things like a pushup in front of a donor's home or wore a certain item of clothing for a certain mile. You guys open to similar ideas?

Nick: Of course we are!

Noah: Specifically, I will be willing to do almost anything - dye my hair, shave my head, run in a speedo etc. We are also open to wearing any paraphernalia that people think would be a good idea - as long as those donations flow in!

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes! We can provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

Does Team in Training offer matching gifts from donors' employers?

Yes! A Matching Gift form can be found here.

What is the biggest hurdle you think you'll face preparing between now and June 5th?

Nick: I think that the biggest hurdle will be Noah to not get injured considering his legs are carrying quite a heavy burden these days.

Noah: Yeah, just like Nick said I think that Nick staying healthy is very important - note that I missed zero games due to injury in my four years at Princeton...

Your team is named The Good, The Bad AND The Ugly. Which one are each of you and what does that leave?

Actually, our team is named The Good AND The Bad and Ugly and there are only two of us on the team. One guy is "The Good" and the other guy is "The Bad and Ugly."

Check out our fundraising page which explains that name a little more - and don't forget you can donate online instantly!

Best of luck to Nick and Noah. I hope you'll both keep everyone posted on how this goes!

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