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Friday News:

Will Venable has been out for the last week+ due to an issue with his back.

It is unusual to see an article about a school offering a roster spot to a potential recruit, but there's indeed a piece about a forward from North Carolina and Princeton. Seeking clarification, I checked with the author to find out if said offer had been accepted. "No, not yet" was their response.

Quotes from Mitch Henderson show up in another story about how high school players can get noticed by college coaches.

Joe Scott was one of those taking advantage of a recent event where the Denver Nuggets opened their playbook to area college coaches.

Where does Georgetown fit in to the chaos of conference realignment?

Anyone with an interest in Ivy League basketball will want to keep an eye on Cambridge this weekend, with many impressive prospects visiting Harvard.

The start of this site's annual fundraising appeal was a huge success, as 50 individuals either renewed their memberships or signed up for the first time. Thank you all for your support. Remember, current subscription expire at the end of September!

Gene Grossman said,

September 23, 2011 @ 9:36 am

Anyone who is looking at this website but is not yet a MEMBER should know what a great job Jon does, how hard he works at it, and that he needs your support to defray the considerable expenses associated with his reporting. PLEASE sign up.

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